LID Project Part 2


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The LID Project Part 2
In the universe there are many planets and stars, these are the internal body organs of the creator also known as GOD.
In each planet are the spirit, these are the planes where we transport to when we  shed our body to the next level.
The dark realms in the universe are where the evil minded spirit dwell. Barnabas speaker of mercury, local priest of the temple of Jupiter is located on the out skirts of the city brought them cart loads of flowers and prepared to sacrifice oxen to them at the city gates before the crowds.  These are gods in human bodies.  Acts 13, Mary mother of John.
This is part of the secret code, broken from the bible, from spirit back in the year 1999.
This is a ritual to do with the mark of the beast 666.
I will mention the ritual further on in this discussion.
Deep within the roots of the earth, lie all the ancestors of time, from generation, to generation, going way back to when the worlds were first created, deep within the ground upon layers upon layer, the dead lie in wait to be re born again.
To be resurrected, to walk the planets and rule as they once did long ago.
In the ground is a device that has never been found by man today. The name of the device is called “Stone Rose”, this stone, stone device has been lying in wait for centuries, waiting to be found and dug up by the chosen ones. To resurrect all the dead kings and ancient gods back to life.
The valley of the kings is once, what they say called the valley of the Gods.
The universe is one huge god of all time still known today.
In the deep darkness in the wasteland of space is the body blackened out of our god, what is visible to our eyes, is the planets, surrounding the darkness.
The planets are the body parts of our God a machine, a factory that channels all the life forms to produce through out the worlds deep with  in the universal planets at the root of the core is the heart beats, that give communication signals instructing each planet to work a system to reproduce, recycle populations deep within our world.
There is one particular planet that holds the key, to help unlocking the dead from there deep sleep.
The “Stone Rose” deep within planet earth, sends it’s signal to the heavens of the lord, to prepare for the resurrection, to begin  when the chosen ones come and release its code from the darkness.
The pyramid walls wait for the great light to come to open the gateway to the sun, that shines in the sky.
The entombed mummies bodies that have been disturbed and removed have lost there link to rise to the plan that was written and became lost to scientific man.
Even though the mummies are not in there tombs, the gods are still watching and waiting over them, to free them into the light of the new world.
The world of judgement will arrive when the magic spell is opened before everyone’s eyes.
Towering up in the universal system is the tribe that watches over you. They greet the new populations that will enter there world.
They are hidden so faraway in the universe, no man, no scientist, has ever found them, but this tribe knows of me and you, and monitors what we do.
There is a picture, I have of them, this will be revealed, further down the line, on this true story that’s being written here of mine.
The picture is already in the LID pages.


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