LID Project Part 3 The Code


LID Project © copyright Sylvia Howarth - MYsterioUS Circle
I wrote this vision on stone, to Steven, who is non-exist ant to seven towns, to error, not our zero.
We rot in Zion in root to trees, sweet wine, sours to swine, vixen, ox-to-trot in tonnes over we.
We serve our rot to swine, who sworn sins in terror, see sorrow swoon.
Win to exit to enter soon, trot to son now in eve or noon.
Set stone rose (  rose stone ) to zero, one, two, six, seven, nine ( six ,six, six ) see son rise soon.
Ten-sins, seven - sets terror, rots in towns, sits in vent, twine to sweet wit to serve, to toss riot, sex, terror, worse to worst event to see soon.
Never ever set “stone rose” (rose stone) to noon in winter, we exist so new, wet sour wine twines in trees on Zion.
We see tents, I swore to son. Woe toss terror in vow.
See wise sense wiser.
Worst to see is Zion exist ant in winter.
Now see tire toss terror into sin, sex in towns, set vixen to see, to win, to win to see.
I won vow, it sins, even it.
I note it, I wrote it, see it, rest in streets.
I seen its nose snort, its toes in snow to serve in zion.
Its news sours west, sewn in roots to trotter on.
It oozes sin to exist.
Its not wise to sin, sinner non wiser test to see, woe to win not to sin,
Nereis ( nevis ) is sent to trot in rent. Seen to see, is to roter/roster it, to serve sour sin.
Wet wine is sweeter not sour, roots ooze non exist ant to exert sin to no one to see, in terror or to serve its sour sorrow-in towns to rot.
Its vixen, oxen enters zoo to rot sit in site.
Its sin to terrorise to enter.
 Rossin Westor events will soon serve its terror on sinners, two sons, son sinner, son non sinner terrorise to win to sit on Zion in stone tower to site sorrow,
To ooze sin to rotar its nest in news, to rooster ox, vixen, swine, to see Tron Westor into woe, rise to stone in tower, new roster, stones rise to son in west,
Rotten to test, sewn to root in trees, it seen terror on sites to streets.
Zinc is to sew, nort is to root, winter is now.
Soon  we rise to sin, see son rise on Zion.
Events seen to test, is to root in nest.
Sewn to root terror.
Twine to trees, roost to see,
Sorrow in terror, rot on streets.


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