The LID Project Part 4 The Evil Shall only rule for a short time


LID Project © copyright Sylvia Howarth - MYsterioUS Circle
The LID Project Part 4
Seven heads and seven mountains are revealed for mount Zion.
A man will stand on mount Zion with 144,000-666 will it be the beast the evil one.
On the seven mountains a woman will sit on mount Zion also, the new rulers of evil.
The coming of the lord god almighty will let them rule for a short time and then it will happen.
Babylon is a place that existed, could it of been Atlantis?.
Atlantis would not have been its name, Babylon it will be.
Meaning disgusting things -> prostitution etc.
Who is the mysterious woman who sits on the thrown.
JEZEBEL rising with the dead from the resurrection beginning in revelation?
The Egyptian pyramids was built as a future time capsule, inscribed with events to come, what the kings had written on there tomb stones.
There way out for judgement day, when the powerful god named as YHWH returns to this planet earth, who created the universe of all time, we are all actually within this god.
The 3 sixes are a code unlocking the mystery, this code brings back the dead and brings forth the revelation on the world. When the code is unlocked it reveals a hidden message that is a ritual of magic that commands instructions for the resurrection to begin and happen.
Things have to be set a certain way and done a certain way for it to begin.
The code begins with numbers then the hidden  message is revealed etc of the mark of the beast, it will be revealed upon there foreheads or forearms. This means they are chosen to begin bringing the dead back, resurrecting them in to a new world a new time , to rule again up on the earth as once before.
The sun is located in line with the pyramids all the planets are lined with it to play the part.
The sun is like a clock giving its signal for its reunion.
Hidden in the grounds are stones named as “ Stone Rose ”  ( Rose Stone ) this is the important thing needed to start up the ritual for the resurrection.
It works like a clock but it has a device that unlocks secret chambers to the dead.
Booming its magic unlocking the stones under the ground, to unleash the dead to rise again.
The stone rose, rose the stones that unlocked the magic hidden for so long, the beginning of the end is to begin again for the kings that once reigned  the earth.
Here is how is all put together and how the people involved will say it and do it. This is breaking the riddle of frightening experience to come.
The seven towns are involved with the seven churches, and seven congregations and angels, seven heads and seven mountains.
Faithful and True:
Rides the white horses  revealed  in revelation , to bring forth peace on earths destruction of chaos comes when the peace taker comes mounted on the Red horse to remove truth from the people and make them tell lies to survive, bringing sin to commit blasphemy and fornification upon the earth.
The Balancer came riding on the black horse to try to stabilise the good away from the evil, to try its best to stop the wars and famine and pure hate that spreads across the earth. Death  rode on its pale horse  spreading its curse to kill people through sickness or disaster, famines and more, never to give eternal life, the curse was given through the jealousy of the great god being so almighty, death come and awaits us all.
Mystery horse number five  turned up possibly pale looking in colour, hell  rode this  horse also known as Hades  and decided to send the evil ones in the pits of hell and fire to be locked in to the abyss  for 1000 years to never spread evil to the people of the earth while faithful and true  come back to bring its peace back to the innocent people on the earth, that was cursed.
After 1000 years is up the evil one will be freed again, and the chain reaction may begin again, but the cycle of the curse will be present until the almighty one finds the spell to remove it forever more.
The king angel of the abyss Abadan (Appollyon) secures the evil within its abyss only the king can free the evil back on earth from its bottomless pit.
Abigor comes in the form of Satan sometimes and conjures up his sneaky plans, he has the power to foretell the future and provide military advice and aid in a destructive way.
The demon of lies fit’s the plan known as Ahriman, locked in eternal struggle with Ahura Mazda, he is linked to the dragon  serpent  form of Satan, conquered by st (saint) Michael (revelation) watch for the demon star shines at night in the sky bringing fear to the world.
Algo is its name hidden in the constellation of perseus known to be evil.
The book of the dead is hidden far and wide going back to the Egyptian times maybe further.
The book of the dead known as the Amenti is the Egyptian hell. The seven churches are clues to our forefathers our ancestors to the link for the big revelation.
Seven stars are the angels of the churches.
Seven Candlesticks are the seven churches.
The seven churches are named as.
1) Ephesus 2) Smyrna 3) Pergamum 4) Thyatira 5) Sardis 6) Philadelphia 7) Laodicea
Some were in Asia are these key churches and congregations 7 in all.
Planets triton, mars, Saturn etc
Saturn - spirit - part human -part antroid.
Mars spirit skin like leather - not often visit earth only to people chosen.
Triton - changelings can visit earth any time, some tribes dwell on mars spiky fanned out hair black , and have large eyes.


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