The LID Project Part 5 To Build The Symbol


LID Project © copyright Sylvia Howarth - MYsterioUS Circle
The LID Project Part 5
To build
The Symbol:      
Solar powered mirrors
All types of crystals
Battery or motor as back up, if sun and moon fail.
Tree trunk with bark on, the one best to use is oak if possible.
Make holes in the wood to stand crystals in,
Put the quartz crystal the largest in centre, position all crystals in any order.
North west  South west
North, South, east, west centre in this.
Line up the device with the moon and stars.
Position mirrors all around the tree trunk to reflect the sky to mirrors, hologram of us will  appear in the centre.
All life forms on planets are spirit that have progressed to a higher level or lower level.
Abigor controls emotions of sadness in persons lives.
Planes that control beyond the universe on the outer side god the giant can be seen yet the creator who created him dwells also there, it takes a creator to make a creator, this is beyond human knowledge, to vast to get to and witness. The creators decide our fate on earth and so forth to what will happen to us each day till they decide they want to transport us all away from here to a next level on another plane.
Trust is needed in all said, this information including any devices to be found or built is top secret, if you betray the trust of spirit in the higher realms you will never get a second chance at this again.
When the higher realms say you can give out this knowledge, then that will be ok. Always ask any questions to them first to get an answer.


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