The LID Project


The LID Project
©copyright 2005 onwards Sylvia Howarth – MYsterioUS Circle
Physical Living:
The universe is one huge LID, there is no way out. The only way to get around is to transport and become the people or things we choose to be or are chosen for us to be.
The Invisible is everywhere, linked in with the living and the dead.
The invisible is us. The hidden secret that lies beyond our flesh and bones. The universe is the same, one hugs cycle that cannot stop. It goes on forever, we love, we hate, we fear, most of all we create our own heaven and hell.
We do not choose the plane we go to, unless we are given a choice and a chance to. Other wise we get no choices or chances.
When people live they first need to be born to be transported to a living body which will be here yet hidden in another body, unborn child.
We are the spirit of the living and the dead.
Channelling in, In a living body we are seen as a person physically, moving, walking, talking etc.
To transport to the living we choose a body and a life we want.
Then we transport in to the hidden body.
When we are ready to become back to the living, we transport back from here, when we know a body is ready for us to go to.
This level of the transportation process puts the invisible person in to another body, which will be hidden in another body, this is the process generating the LID. Before we die, we age, get ill, we can die in many different ways, yet we really still live.
Before death occurs we see, past, present and future events for everyone.
When a person dies the living  see a person as dead, the person who is dead, has only transported out of the body to the next world, to begin the next level of the LID.
We will, to where we want our spirit levels to be next, we visit past, present and future. We channel in to everyone’s worlds and events. Communicating by will. Not physical.
Beyond human flesh and skeleton is the invisible as we transport.
When we leave a dead body we go here to the invisible world no one living can see in the physical unless they are gifted to see.
The invisible people are just like ourselves yet at a next level of the LID.
We are the spirit of the living and the dead, channelling in.
Physical, spiritual, thought (mind) will.
All bacteria, cells, micro orgasms, soil, stone, wood, metal etc, everything else that has not been named all have feelings and communication in different ways. Never judge material things it is also the LID.


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