if you feel you cannot handle the truth, you scare easy, you feel vulnerable in any way, please leave the group, you must be serious in these discussions and also be able to handle the truth, this is only coming to light now, what I am about to share with you all, for many years I have not been able to share what I know, you may already know or not know things, lets all keep positive and respectful in the group, EXPERIMENT 1: is below, please follow this before other discussions of LID begin.
The picture you see in this group profile is me. My eyes was closed when this photo was taken, yet my eyes are open on this picture, look at the 2 photos in this and you can clearly see I am different to your normal eye view.
If you download the normal photo, and put it under negative, this is what it will turn out like. Most negative pictures have a way of showing an appearance, but with this on myself comes out in a very unusual way, my eyes are open, my features to have altered, test your own pictures see what you get.
Why are we doing this test?
Before I go in to full discussion on the LID I would like to know who has it, and who does not, and it is not to be anti, there's a reason on this in to what I will talk about further in why some people show this way and others do not. Please do not take anything personal in the discussions, remember all life is equal and come from the same sources of life.
anything you find of yourself, please do not fear, or feel doubt, share what you have, as this is very useful in, to understanding more about you and others, beneath the hidden layers you are.


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