Who Am I?


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Who Am I?
In the year 1969 I came in to existence on earth through my parents that was to nurture me and raise me on earth. If I knew how my life was going to turn out, maybe I would of chosen carefully in answering a question I was given by the “Hole” of Life pool.
I remember before I came here, how dark and black my surroundings was yet was able to see where I was and where I was going and who was there and how they looked.
Imagine being able to float or levitate, without having to walk around, you have no pain, you have no fear, you have no suffering of any kind, your mind is fully aware, yet your feelings are not in a operation as in the physical, very different as though blank.
I remember clearly seeing those important people stood at the edge of each form of life pool, all wearing different coloured plane gown to one another, all pools was to a different planet and life, all time periods  to, in the pools was for past, present and future, all at different levels of evolvement and dimensions yet even though connected and interlocking of the greatest highest in tent of the universe, it is a very real place and you will have had these memories your self when you arrived here on earth, the sad part is, you are made to forget and focus on where you are now.
I was not going to forget my past connections, and was determined to keep these memories.
The people who stood by the pools of life and death wore very light coloured garments for the living the death pools was more darker however not in the terms of black very different. You would be surprised white was more for the death pools. Mainly death and living pool  was and is treated equally as it is a very needed way of balancing the 2 things equally. The invisible where I was where the pools of life and death are was very peaceful.
When it came to being given a choice where I would like to go as this is rare if you get a chance I wish I could of re done it again.
I got to look in all pools of the living as that is where I was being sent. I had already had passed on in death, it was time for a new life, I was asked did I want the life I did many times before, or something different?
I felt I wanted something different, as I lived a life before of having it all and wanted to do something new. What I failed on was, I did not ask question s about each pool, what was each planet like?, which was the best to go to?, would I experience anything that I should be aware of? e.g. The reason I never asked these questions was, I thought how I was in the invisible was going to be like that anywhere else, no pain, no suffering e.g. I spotted earth, it looked great, looks are deceiving, you may think it looks how you see it, but it is different once your in it. I seen my mum and dad to be, and the minute I spotted them and felt a longing connection to be there, I was asked a question one more time, is this the place you want to go? I said yes, well I was pushed in the hole and once I arrived I had feelings. I experienced a great over whelming sensation of why do I feel what I feel now?, I had to adapt to earth life, learn how to use a body like driving a car for the first time, however  my mind was still Adult, my communication in my mind was still adult, the only difference was, my size, my appearance, and I had to start at the beginning evolving in a new place, my body in the invisible was still within the new body I transported in however it had to adjust to a new way of getting around and learning in this new life.
If I had asked questions before I chose, maybe my life would have been different. I have witnessed many things through this life to the lives of past and this has been a very big adjustment to understanding how life can be in it’s good and bad point’s however, whatever bad things have happened to some one, they must not be blamed or treated as if they asked for that bad thing to happen to them, not all choices are given to us, some things are out of our control. Before I came here I was told many things in the invisible plane of existence however was not to speak of them until I was given the option to when I get in to the new life for many years. The past lives I had lived before this, is not what you think. It was not connected to earth as being on the planet, but a place earth life is looking for now.
My true Identity still appears under the layers of my skin in the physical. I am and always will be what I was created to be in any life time, that will not change, my vehicle that is a body of what ever kind it may be will only be the tool I will adapt to, in  getting around. And the same applies to you. You are and always be what you are underneath the layers of a body.
Some people may think I have flipped sharing this information, they may think she is mad, crazy. This is why I provide experiments for you to do, to see for yourselves the truth in what you are underneath the layers of the visible eye.
When I arrived on earth, I had regular visits from those you would term as spirit, come to my bed before I would go to sleep, asking me questions, how are you? Are you settling in ok? However when you dare ask a question to go back, it would be a NO, unless you have a chance or a choice you can go back if they feel you can for any reason.
I will speak further on the past lives connection and where I have been and where you to will or have had a connection of being your self. In the next part after this discussion ends.


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