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31st january 2011 mysterious circle sitting physicalmediumship, transfiguration amazing images

endofvid [starttext] 31st january 2011 mysterious circle sitting physicalmediumship, transfiguration the mysterious circle has some very clear pictures, done in stronger brighter redlight, looking almost like daylight in the way the transfiguration images have come out, check out these men over sylvias face, you can clearly see these are men and not the same to each other what do you think? There was no communication, i will check the video for more pictures and add them. who is this man? there was no communication his nose is bent to one side, very strong features. this is another male face looking more downwards,wonder who he is? there was no communication, notice going rom crown of head downwards towards chair a faint white ring You can see very clear this mans face possibly from another culture, looks a bloke you would not mess with, notice the fait white ring going around his face? [endtext]

30th jan 2011 mysterious circle sitting physical mediumship

endofvid [starttext] on the 30th January 2011 the mysterious ciecle sat for physicalmediumship in redlight, due to a very abrupt demand from spirit they closed the sitting early as they felt something was not right and needed to bring the medium, below are some pictures that came through during the sitting. There was only tommy her guide who communicated, chris the circle leader also. [endtext]

29th january 2011 Mysterious Circle Physical mediumship sitting with 2 guest sitters an amazing night of Transfiguration

endofvid [starttext] on the 29th January 2011 the mysterious circle sat and it included 2 guest sitters from Leeds in the UK Paul Beumont and his partner Lyndsey. The Guest sitters got to check out the seance room, the medium, they felt they did not have to check all as with the sitting being in light, they felt satisfied. the video camera is in position facing the mediums chair, all the rules beforehand have been explained to the sitters, they also have been asked what can they handle and not handle visionary wise, before they entered the room, once satisfied, everyone sat, but not at 6:30pm but 7am. On entering the seance room the redlight was on, the sitters had a choice of seat so they felt compfortable and can see. Once everyone iss in there seats including the medium and curtains closed, the opening prayer is said then the light goes off and the music plays, the medium is getting ready for trance and transfiguration and any other needs for the spirit team. The Guests and other…

28th jan 2011 mysterious circle sitting physical mediumship

endofvid [starttext] On the 28th January 2011 the mysterious circle sat in the physical circle for transfiguration, this time we was amazed in the transfiguration of the hands that came through and appears to be more than 2. look below at the structure and shape the mediums hands are now. [endtext]

Physicalmediumship Dangers for any sitter to understand as well as the medium who to needs to understand

endofvid [starttext] Recently whilst  I have been sitting for physical mediumship as a medium, something happened, and I felt a need to say something here as an importance, whether you sit in the dark or the light whether your a sitter watching the demonstration, or you are the medium in the chair, it is important that you think ahead, never assume a spirit could never throw anything, or take things off walls, or move anything around, or levitate anything even you etc, you must make your seance a safe environment, never leave glass pictures on walls or mirrors, if you need mirrors then you need them secure in a safe place away from those who could easily get hurt. Never assume that when you sit, nothing may never happen, because it can, you may get weeks of nothing happening then suddenly something happens, in one week i seen a mirror which I did advise many times to a medium to not have on the wall behind them, this person insisted it stayed up, few days ago that mirror came down in…

MYsterioUS Circle sitting Physical Mediumship 24th January 2011

endofvid [starttext] MYsterioUS Circle sitting Physical Mediumship 24th January 2011 since last sitting on friday, the circle has decided to sit tonight at 6:30pm chris is the sitter and circle leader. During the sitting chris experienced severe pain in his mouth and could not bare the pain, the spirit controllers tommy and kitumbu decided to start healing chris before doing any transfiguration demonstrations, before any healing commenced, at the start of the circle, the medium was found to be covered in the black vinyl when the curtain was drawn back. Tommy one of the mediums spirit controllers drew some pictures whilst the medium was covered over in this vinyl. then after decided to commence with giving trance healing to chris. The pain eased, then the controllers instructed that chris remain quiet and watched the transfiguration. faces came through which have been recorded. as the sitting commenced some spirit people communicated with chris giving there names and other information…