11th January 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting ET Transfiguration and communication


This has been a remarkable time of the communication and transfiguration of spirit, beings all forms of all walks of the afterlife and life coming forward and sharing there knowledge, giving dates, location, times with information on where or even how they passed, addresses and more on there lives.
On this occasion ET's have come through sharing specific dates and locations on there next arrivals, all the seances have been recorded, the video's will go live soon on this site, un till further instruction is given, as they want to share the news, not hide the news from you.
Below are transfiguration images of those coming through, you will see on a picture the very large darkened eyes and narrow nose. Zorgon is a communicator that came through and signed his name in his own language spoke at times in his own language and reverted in to our language english. He drew his own image also in what his race look like, that are to appear in 2011 all images and messages are real and genuine.
ET facial structure begins to change
note the hands are changing
note face has appeared slanted nose mouth whats on mediums neck round?
ET adjusts the red light by itself no physical hands touched it to show part of there face coming through
energy forming and restructuring facial features
note the face is altering mouth nose eye
A materialisation appears on mediums shoulder 2 large dark eyes
Appearing from the medium on the left next to her neck you can see a small head with 2 large eyes nearly lit up looking out
note the round bulging shapes forming over meadiums neck in a circle poking out of her lower neck
mediums neck and bulges of round shapes of et skin coming through
note the et round shapes of skin en largening more through mediums lower neck
you can see clearer the forming lumps of round skin of et forming stronger on the medium
the neck lumps which are circulated around the mediums nck are strong and larger in size
the structure of ET neck forming more on mediums neck 
The Dark Eyed ET Zorgon giving information for 2011

ET is preparing neck and facial features on medium


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