12th January 2011 Sitting Mysterious circle Physicalmediumship Seance


On the 12th January 2011 the mysterious circle sat again, the seance has been video recorded, the pictures are below with captions of the transfigurations of the spirit people that have come through, this sitting is showing stronger appearences in facial features to previous sittings the medium has taken place.
face has shown signs of change dramaticaly from neck to eyes
ectoplasmic darker appearances preparing the face for transfiguration
a male appearence is forming
mediums face is beginning to show signs of transfiguration
note the face is changing more like a mans face very different face in appearance to mediums face the whole structure the eyes have altered mouth cheeks etc
features are changing here in transfiguration mouth appears slanted face is reshaping
here you see a full face different face and structure of a male ectoplasmic energy is popping out of mediums nose the neck of the medium is also larger a pharoh prince comes through
face changes become more definate
you can see the face is changinging here especialy around the mouth area cheek and chin


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