14th January 2011 sitting Mysterious Circle Physical Mediumship


on the 14th jan 2011 the mysterious circle sat again, and this time the red light has been turned up even higher, spirit have produced more evidential phenomena on the mediums face, during the healing of the sitters hand you can clearly see an energy over his hand being given from the witch doctor katumbu, when katumbu works his wonders therough the mediums arms towards her face you can see clearly the energy cloaking and altering her arms and head. read the captions under each picture, the medium is preparing for spirit surgery and trance healing as well as what is already in operation for her to do in being a tool for the spirit world to use.
medium preparing to transfigure
mediums eye showing signs of transfiguration
You can see the healing energy around the sitters hand being given healing
the third eye is opening up to prepare for the healing being given to sitter plus others
mediums face is changing in preparation for demonstration
katumbu the witch doctor gives a demonstration of the healing energy to be given to people in need
katumbu the witch doctors face


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