16th January 2011 sitting Mysterious Circle Physical Mediumship


16th January 2011 mysterious circle sitting for physicalmediumship, what an amazing  night, below are some of the pictures of the phenomena taking place with the medium, many spirit communicators came through and spoke also, all has been recorded.
notice the black ectoplasmic new energy over the mediums nose area between the eyes
spirit working on altering areas of the mediums face
white energyon nose,  and face structure alters completly on mediums face
notice the mediums lips seem larger in thickness
a spirit communicator has no resemblance to the medium what so ever
you can see the face change check the neck area also is this a scarf or something else this spirit has brought through
the spirit is aletering the appearance of the mediums face
ectoplasm is coming out of the mediums nose
a spirit communicator showing a possible stroke condition mouth appears slanted
the mediums face has transfigured again, another spirit communicator has come forward
the medium has transfigured here, the mouth seems very altered and raised and part dematerialised under mediums nose
very strong face transfigured
part dematerialising the face forming new face
another spirit communicator comes through transfiguration on the mediiums face


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