17 jan 2011 mysterious circle sitting physical mediumship


On 17th Jan 2011 mysterious circle sat again, below are more pictures of the sitting of transfiguration taking place, communicators from spirit have left messages, all has been video recorded. the circle is aiming to get guests to see this for themselves the transfiguration taking place with this medium. The circle also wants to bring through AS many loved ones as possible for sitters and communication from them also, it has been said by spirit team today preparations are being made for materialisations, this will be coming up for future sittings. they are wanting to achieve this in light conditions, a few samples recently have been succesful, further progression is needed before guest sitters can witness that side of the physical mediumship.
face appearing over the mediums face
mediums head is part dematerialising
mediums face is reshaping
the mediums face has dramaticaly going through transfiguration face change
mediums face is showing signs of transfiguration appearences
mediums mouth area iss part dematerialised
mediums face is altering
mediums facial appearence is darker in the cheeks and its not about the redlight alterations are becoming stronger
the mediums face is filling out wider and it looks as if a beard wants to form
mediums face is reconstructed in transfiguration into another face
male appearance to the face
this face is stronger in appearance the nose the mouth the whole structure
medium  is coming out of transfiguration


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