18 jan 2011 sitting mysterious circle physical mediumship amazing transfiguration image of a zorro type man in a black mask


18th jan 2011 mysterious circle sitting physicalmediumship, we urgently had to share this image that came through on video, witness the impossible on the medium during transfiguration, you can clearly see a male as if wearing a black zoro mask his nose and mouth and dimple in chin is very clear, do you see this? note my own face is pointing downwards his head is attached on my higher head he is a big guy.
this male who looks like the masked zoro appears over the medium during transfiguration, note he is a big guy, the mediums face is pointing downwards the guy is attached to her higher head

18th jan 2011 sitting mysterious circle physical mediumship transfiguration
this picture has been brightened up so you can see the zorro looking man clearer
just in case you feel the picture looks dark i have brightened up the image so you can see it better with the origional zorro looking man here

we have stages of zorro comming in, we will keep this off the site for now. check out the other faces that came in also below

Video now available of this sitting here below






We will post more pictures tonight or tomorrow, this is the best footage of todays transfiguration of the zorro type male.


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