30th jan 2011 mysterious circle sitting physical mediumship


on the 30th January 2011 the mysterious ciecle sat for physicalmediumship in redlight, due to a very abrupt demand from spirit they closed the sitting early as they felt something was not right and needed to bring the medium, below are some pictures that came through during the sitting. There was only tommy her guide who communicated, chris the circle leader also.
mediums features are showing signs of transfiguration
the medium appears to have extra eyebrows and her face is altering the mouth appears smiling the eyes are altering in the transfiguration
this came out very unusual, there is another similar picture we have not posted up for a previous sitting but have added it on this page further down, spirit are changing color as well as setting and features?
the mediums nose, moutheyes, forehead structure of face is altered masculine
the mediums face is showing a reconstructed chin face appears longer, nose and eyes are different also note the dark markings coming towards the nose?
this is from a previous sitting, this came through very strange, was not sure to add on site to show or leave it off in parts of the pixels where curtain is in straight line some spirit faces are visible, the mediums head appears to be part dematerialed into the black roofing vinyl and part not and appears to be not clearly on her body.


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