6th & 7th january 2011 mysterious circle seance


a drawing which spirit did when they covered up the mediums head downwards  in black vinyl leaving her arm visible
moustache appearing over mediums upper lip
On 6th Jan 2011 sylvia sat for the 1st time in a long time. The camcorder was on record, the red light was used however the video quality did not show up all the red light, however the audio is perfect.
Chris is the only sitter on this occasion, as david and a few other sitters was unable to sit, they missed an phenomenal event.
at the back of the medium which was secured to the wall, was a black vynl covering going from roof of room to the floor, on the floor covering the room was black vynl covering also, a scrying mirror was in line with the medium on the opposite side of room, behind the medium on floor was the glass dome containing many crystals and salt within it on an oak base trunk of a tree. also 2 trumpets either side of her and under the chair illuminous plaque with 3 balls on, going around the room under the chairs was sea salt used as keeping the circle grounded protected and closed. 2 bowels of water under 2 seperate chairs where the scrying mirror is, the normal mirror is at the back of the medium behind the black vynl with some pictures, a round table is in the room for the red light, another table near circle leader with stereo on, music cd's a toy car and tamborine is on the other side of room under the chairs. the medium has luminous tabs on her shoulders and knees so she can be seen, plus the chair she sat in and 1 within the cabinet up above.
The sitting was to begin at 7 pm but started about 7:15 pm.
Tommy one of Sylvia's guides came through and sylas and other guides and spirits to with messages.
Phenomena did take place, a guide took down the black vinyl off the wall and encased over sylvia the medium her body, her head and shoulders could no longer be seen, this occurred whilst she was still in her chair and the sitter witnessed this in red light. the spirit guide then kept the mediums hand visible for sitter to see and began to draw and write on paper, once completed, gave to chris the sitter, he was amazed on how spirit completely covered up the medium whilst in deep trance and also doing transfiguration, kept her from any way of seeing or knowing this phenomena was taking place.
The activity was strong.
we will need to upload the video/audio for you to witness for yourselves, she not sat for a very long time, but this is a very good starting point.
She has stilled some of the video pictures for you to see, uploading them, some are phenomenal, times in transfiguration sylvia altered, her face disappeared, to write all down will take for ever, let get pictures up and footage/audio
thanks for your time reading and showing interest.
There are some pictures below this comment for you to see, I was wearing no jewelry, my clothes was my pajamas and a very light silk blue, my hair tied back, I am sad I could not get all pictures of the spirit wrapping the floor vinyl over me then drawing, however you will hear and all footage the video is just under 1 hour 20 mins, trying to find away getting it up as soon as possible, i will be sitting most nights now unless I got to do music for tv. will keep you all updated, the pictures below in purple and white mist is phenomena happening to me where chris witnessed me dematerializing and coming back. The picture you see me clear look at my chest I have nothing there as jewelry. look at the next picture you will see something on my chest plus other things that should not be there.
ET energy appears looks partly materilised as though a head note the initial S seen on top left hand side medium had dematerialised for a short time
ET hands appear, at this point medium has dematerialised for a short time from her chair
note what has appeared around the mediums neck that should not be there, possibly an object the energy is building around neck of medium in black
note the face is altering around lips nose cheeks part eyes
note my neck has no object here the black vinyl is no longer over me
note the moustache looks now oriental in appearance
a male face is in full bloom with male hair style dark haired person


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