Guest Sitters to witness the physical mediumship of mysterious circle


The mysterious circle will be welcoming guest sittings for those who would like to witness the physical mediumship first hand of the remarkable phenomena that takes place, transfiguration, trance healing, spirit surgery, spirit world art, full blown physical mediumship etc demonstrations.
For those who will be allowed in to these demonstrations, must follow the rules of the spirit team. Any one of nervous disposition or feels vulnerable in any way, must not sit in this circle, if you fear the dark or scare easy.
for further information on the mysterious circle guest sittings, send an email here with your full name and location and a contact number or email address for an immediate response. Email Mysterious circle here  this is a serious developing circle, and the spirit team want to bring through any evidence they can to prove to you the afterlife does exist, the ET also want to show and prove there existence is real. mysterious circle is not charging a fee to sit, however donations are welcome. We cannot guarantee who will sit, as the spirit team need to be sure who is suitable to sit beforehand. please do not take it personal if you are not able to sit, however you may still get an opportunity to sit with the circle another time.


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