MYsterioUS Circle sitting Physical Mediumship 24th January 2011


MYsterioUS Circle sitting Physical Mediumship 24th January 2011
since last sitting on friday, the circle has decided to sit tonight at 6:30pm chris is the sitter and circle leader.
During the sitting chris experienced severe pain in his mouth and could not bare the pain, the spirit controllers tommy and kitumbu decided to start healing chris before doing any transfiguration demonstrations, before any healing commenced, at the start of the circle, the medium was found to be covered in the black vinyl when the curtain was drawn back. Tommy one of the mediums spirit controllers drew some pictures whilst the medium was covered over in this vinyl. then after decided to commence with giving trance healing to chris. The pain eased, then the controllers instructed that chris remain quiet and watched the transfiguration. faces came through which have been recorded. as the sitting commenced some spirit people communicated with chris giving there names and other information. later in the sitting chris felt in pain again, so during this time he was given more healing, what you will see during healing in a picture is how the image of the medium becomes very blocked out in a strange image and the healing energies was so strong it caused the medium to appear as not themself in the picture. Take a look at the images below, it was a very good night of transfiguration. i posted the brighter pictures up so you can see the faces clearer. Before i forget the seance room became very active when the sitting was over, chris forgot to close with prayer and at 21:10pm he had to re enter the sence room and close in prayer and I did to, and i  spoke with my spirit team, that the night is now over till next time, they shake  the spirit tree which has bells on, and moved the box chris witnessed the phenomena before we got in the seance room, we heard it all being moved....once we closed in  prayer, things became calm. at the moment it is calm.
origional picture of the one below this picture
the face here is very different on the medium, the mouth has changed alot
origional picture of the one below this picture
mediums face and mouth have changed very possibly oriental
origional picture of the one below this picture
chris was recieving healing at this point when medium appearsto be another person in the face kitumbu witch doctor wearing his own full witch doctor mask over his face
origional picture of the one below this picture
mediums ears and face have altered totaly
on the 24th january 2011 the mysterious circle sat again for physical mediumship, you can see in this picture the medium has a round enery on her face near her mouth, look at her hairline on the right of her you can see blacl fingers crawling on her sides of face.


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