Physicalmediumship Dangers for any sitter to understand as well as the medium who to needs to understand


Recently whilst  I have been sitting for physical mediumship as a medium, something happened, and I felt a need to say something here as an importance, whether you sit in the dark or the light whether your a sitter watching the demonstration, or you are the medium in the chair, it is important that you think ahead, never assume a spirit could never throw anything, or take things off walls, or move anything around, or levitate anything even you etc, you must make your seance a safe environment, never leave glass pictures on walls or mirrors, if you need mirrors then you need them secure in a safe place away from those who could easily get hurt. Never assume that when you sit, nothing may never happen, because it can, you may get weeks of nothing happening then suddenly something happens, in one week i seen a mirror which I did advise many times to a medium to not have on the wall behind them, this person insisted it stayed up, few days ago that mirror came down in the dark and lucky enough did not smash however it could of smashed, it could of easily shattered on the medium, spirit may be materialized also in that area, spirit can throw things to, I have witnessed that and my eye got hurt in the dark. it is ok talking physical mediumship and how great it is, but i see failings of safety rarely being discussed to remind people, physicalmediumship is not a game, it is not to dabble with when you have no idea the consequences that can happen, the other point is there is not a lot of  discussions on how to handle a situation in physical if something did occur, you get good and bad souls, we all have this in us as well as those on the other side, people who sit even as a guest sitter must be fully aware on what can or could happen in the room or with the medium, what spirit are capable of. For those who sit in the dark, may not see a spirit but will feel there solid materialized body, hear them speak or just interact, mediums who sit in the dark produce ectoplasmic rods and if a sitter grabbed those rods or the ectoplasm without asking first, it could harm the medium and the spirit, now there are sitters who think they can go in a room and not follow any rule and do what they like, even to the point of not removing items before they sit. I feel it is important thorough checks are made all the time, not just for items on a person, but a thorough check on there mental state of mind to, no one should be mentally ill, on drugs or alcohol and must understand and follow the rules or they do not enter any sign somethings wrong send them on there way. For mediums who work in light, and produce materialization, faces of transfiguration, direct voice etc, same for those in dark to, something can happen in light that a person may not be able to handle, the person may think at first they can handle it, but once in the room experiencing something they never experienced before could make that sitter react and sometimes panic. it is ok strapping a medium to a chair, but my concern is more with a sitter who is not strapped in a chair what they can be capable of? in reacting to things that they may of originally stated they could handle then during demonstration they cannot handle it after all.
The guidelines should be written up before hand and guest sitters sign it, so you as a medium are not liable if anything went wrong, if you can record the seance by audio with date time and peoples names who are there also on the recording, for those who video record same thing name who is there, date and time, keep a log of things. Many of you probably already do this but it is better doing things right than think afterwards I should of done that but did not.
The list goes on for health and safety, what to do if you had a spirit that was not pleasant how to handle that situation and without causing any harm to any sitter or the medium.
these are just examples but remember running your circle safely and the right way, will show you are responsible and you do care about the people involved in it.
Make a plan for your circle, act it out before you sit, bit like a fire drill, then that way you all know what to do, how to calm down those to who cannot handle what's going on etc so panic does not get the better. I do not want this to sound like a horror film, because it is not. Things can happen and it is better knowing what to do then not know at all and it ends up a pure mess.
Any sitter should know all exit points of where you sit for real emergencies if there was a fire, the other to eliminate doubt that anyone can get in the room in a clever way, when you know how to run your circle safely even in public you must know that you all are confident in yourselves how to bring the medium out of trance if there was a real emergency. first aid what to do?
This is just my opinion I felt i wanted to share, your all entitled to do your thing your way, it is good to remember anything can be useful when you may not of even thought about it yourself.


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