Skeptic Or Believer in Physicalmediumship?


You may find yourself doubting a physical circle, whether you have an experience or not with physical mediumship, or any other form of spiritual occurances of phenomena.
Spirit or ET's will do all they can to prove there existance however there are those mediums who may appear to have a gift may not be what they appear to be.
All physical circls may sit similar, and may not sit the same, however it does not mean anything will ever occur or not.
People will question images of ectoplasm that look like cheese cloth material or cotton wool, and for those who see it as that will believe exactly that is what it is in there opinion. I have witnessed physical mediumship seeing ectoplasm and even how something in appearance can look like a material, that has live spirit hands attached to it moving it controlling it, and your seeing it in red light, and the medium arms and legs strapped in the chair, you will know it is a real genuine phenomena. You cannot create or re create what spirit are doing, they bring there work to get those in the physical life that the spirit world is real. They will even project themselves as there own image on to video and pictures, and when they do the impossible, skeptics will have to try and find another explanation for it, how much more proof do spirit have to go to lengths to show what they can do?
You will get real images of faces captured on a photograph, a video recording and you may witness it face on with a medium, however a skeptic will look for another explanation to say it is not spirit. Yet I have heard myself many times over from mediums or sitters who believe when a table suddenly is launched in the air when a few people are holding it, it is spirit phenomena, in my opinion that could be moved by anyone, when it moves on its own that is when I know it is a real phenomena when there is no hidden devices or other forms of explanation for it. Sitting in complete darkness and trumpets fly about, you cannot prove it is a spirit unless you can have the opportunity to eliminate all doubts such as no hidden devices on  a trumpet, no one is holding it in the dark and all other explanations eliminated, you know when it is a real spirit phenomena when they allow you to see and erase doubt that they are the ones doing it and nothing else. And I have witnessed spirit moving trumpets, creating there own spirit lights, and all bulbs are removed from the seance room, I have witnessed spirit controlling the stereo system themselves and circulating sound over every sitter sing at back of room and front, and the speaker wire is very short to reach long distance.
A genuine medium would allow any guest sitters to check the seance room out and equipment throughly plus the medium and cabinet before sitting to eliminaate fraudulent acts of anything hidden.
A genuine medium would not suddenly find excuses to not allow searches or answer questions etc.
Transfiguration mediums who have the ability to show a spirit materialising over the medium will be able to sit in red
light or even blue etc to allow sitters to see there loved ones come through.
Transfiguration mediumship is still the same form of materialisation of spirit.
a spirit will materialise of its own accord and should be witnessed in any conditions it wishes whether day light, night light redlight etc, mediums may sit in the dark to produce these phenomena's as a tool for spirit but sitters want evidence to see there loved ones or the spirit that has arrived. When a spirit speaks through direct voice or through entranced medium, yes commands of instruction needs to be followed in what they want you to see or not see in the conditions they give, however I must point out to many circles are copying one another, not following there own circle spirit team commands. It is important to remember how your own circle is developing for the purposes the spirit team you work with are followed the way the want, if you change things and do not follow what they want, your development may lapse, or just may nor produce what was originally planned by them. Only make changes when your spirit team want the changes. Do not influence the medium or each other in how you sit. Progression is made purely by trusting in your spirit team.
Where is the real evidence in some circles that may not be genuine? they may have phenomena happening,  however where is the real evidence to be seen? you must not doubt or judge when sitting in a circle, yes keep an open mind, yet remember all mediums develop at different rates, they may not sit the same, some work with old energy, some work with new energy, some work with combined energies etc, darkness is an excuse for many skeptics to judge and sometimes for those in the light to, for those who cannot bring through a loved one in spirit yet may have just phenomena, It does not mean they cannot they have no ability, they may still be developing there mediumship and there's no set time or date for it when something will or will not happen. you may hear a guide talking philosphy, wheres the loved ones with messages, dates, times, locations, addresses, names, that is not happening in circles some circles do, address this others do not, and it should be a priority, you can be  charged a fee to sit in a circle, however what do you want to see or hear when you sit? If it was me, I would want real evidence even if I was sat in the dark, a family member, a friend etc to come through, tell me things that no one else could ever know, when a medium who sits can produce real evidence bringing the loved ones through, that is when I would say you are a gifted medium. However when there is proof a medium has the gift yet has not got to the level of bringing loved ones through properly, you got to give them time during development to get that side out, but if it becomes on an escalation it is not happening then question it.
When a medium who can transfigure and produce a face that is recognised to a sitter and it is witnessed by others to and it is captured on video recording or photo when spirit are allowing the recordings, that is real evidence, when a medium who goes in deep trance and is taken out in a way no fraud can be commited and a face can be drawn of the loved on in spirit and a sitter can say the loved one is there relative or friend, that is evidence. Physicaly seeing or feeling or hearing your loved one speak or walk but you know it is them, that is evidence.
The list goes on.
However, flying a trumpet may be impressive, but it does not say who the loved on is in spirit. Seeing ectoplasm ooze out of an ear or mouth may be impressive, it does not say well wheres my loved ones face or body? and there is a difference in ectoplasm, and it does not look like cheese cloth or cotton wool.
do not be fooled by anyone, think about what you as a sitter would like to happen, do not though judge a medium, you must not go in doubtful.
When an occurance happens for you and it is real, then you can believe it or dis believe it.
The realness is in what you get personaly and what it means to you personaly from those on the other side of life.


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