11th feb 2011 mysterious circle guest sitters physicalmediumship


On the 11th feb 2011 the mysterious circle sat and with guest sitters, paul, lindsey, lizzie and johnie, and chris circle leader, medium sylvia. there are break throughs that have been captured on video, guest sitters witnessed the transfiguration, they may be writing there own testimonial on this soon, look below, the zorro guy came through again and this possibly is kutumbu below with a mask on the mediums chest. will post more pictures up on 12th feb 2011.
Before the medium got into her chair to sit for physicalmediumship, she and the sitters was not aware what was already sitting in the chair, this was found on the video recording of a transparent person sat in the chair, you can see the face clearly where the back of chair is. 
you can see the different color dots moving in and around the medium
you can see the dark lines appearing like stripes on mediums face nose and features to have changed in transfiguration
the forehead has a twister of color where the third eyes is based the face is altering look at the mouth chin cheeks eyes also
the mediums face has completely changed on her chest a mask appears looks afican? origional image
the mediums face has completely changed on her chest a mask appears looks afican? brightened image
energy moving in to mediums face
strong energy building into the medium on one side of face
the medium has got either a head dress on or long hair with something colorful in it, healing was taking place at this time
the hand that appears over mediums hand very old looking and bigger than the mediums hand
zorro in mask appears his lips are on the mediums fore head part of his eyes are visible



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