14th feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship


on the 14th february 2011 at 7pm the mysterious circle sit for physicalmediumship in redlight. The sitting lasted about an hour as the circle leader chris was very tired due to a long haul of work earlier in the day, present in the sitting is chris and medium sylvia, no other sitters present, stand sted was due to come today, the date has been changed to a new date. There was not alot of communication in the sitting, transfiguration took place, chris saaid that he could hear someone trying to speak whilst the mediums mouth was closed, this will need to be observed just in case direct voice or any other form of communication is taking place. below are some still shots taken from the video recording of some faces that came through.
alterations in the mediums face especialy the mouth area is strong in changes in transfiguration
mediums face even though pointing downwards is changing
mediums face has completely changed, this is not her face, the structure and features are very strong


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