16th feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration


on the 16th february 2011 at 7pm the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, chris the circle leader sat with the medium sylvia, no other sitters present, there are pictures that are still shots taken from the video recording, within the day sylvia sat in the daytime also and has another picture to share on that, much phenomena of sounds occured today in the day and part evening sessions, communicators came through, tommy, melanie and some new people called dougie and barry, much information has been given during the sitting on preperations of more new things are being planned with the medium in the next levels of her development and the evidential things spirit wish to bring forth during sittings, look at the pictures below of transfiguration.
this person came through during daytime meditation, very strong transfigured features over the mediums face
changes are appearing already noticable in the mediums face of transfiguration as she meditates
during the evening session sitting many communicators begain to appear and speak, nothe the mediums face is altered greatly the nose is wider mouth also different in appearance to mediums mouth
another face appears eyebrows nose lips facial shape has changed during transfiguration, features appear to be male
during the sitting each communicator coming forward not all spoke this person was very much in communication, mediums face is very much transfigured here
you can see a clear image of another spirit communicator, lips are different features look very different to the mediums face, this feels more possibly male?
you can see on the side of the mediums face alot of change is beginning to transfigure in that area
you can see this face is becoming very clear in how the transfiguration is taking place a spirit face is attempting to reconstruct the features of the medium there eyes are above the mediums going towards forehead with eye brows the nose is pointer narrow the mouth to, the face is very altered.
a new face here looking downwards the eyebrows and eyes are wider cheeks are plumper nose wider bit flatter eyebrows thinner, very different in appearance to the mediums face.


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