17th feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration/materialisation


on the 17th february 2011 (thursday) during the daytime at around about 9:40am sylvia decided to sit in the seance room in daylight for meditation, before beginning the meditation some spirit already began coming forward and transparent, during the meditation she sensed and felt she heard spirit in the room, when she played back the video recording of the meditation sitting, she discovered a materialising face partly on her own face transparent in appearence and also you can see in the still shot of the image a outline of an outfit the spirit person is wearing, the other face is in line with her ear, coulfd be wearing a mask, the eyes nose and mouth appear from side of cheek going down her neck, check out the daytime pictures, please return later back to this page for the evening sitting pictures, thank you.
during the evening demonstration of physicalmediumship, sylvia was fully aware and awake before things fully began for the sitting, in some of the images below where sylvia is alert, spirit are appearing, the energy was that strong, more spirit appear showing themselves looking into the camera, the mediums face looks in a different direction to them, when she does sit for trance, and transfiguration as well as direct voice, things still happen. It has been a very active day all round.
here are the names of the spirit people that appeared:
Mark Anthony, Delia Rose Jane Lucinda Baker, John oates, Charlie sheen, Desmond caroo, Mable Jane Hughes, Android Zetonc,  charlotte Josephine, Bridged Margaret Farra (girl), Colonel Jimney Jones.
Evening physicalmediumship sitting: spirit materialise
medium is awake, the hair is altering already on her head, before the sitting begins, the energy is strong, the light is brighter
medium is showing signs of transfiguring
mediums appearance is looking more not her
looking right at you now is a transparent spirit a female wearing either a washer womens hat or it is a hat like a turbin in shape, mediums face is leaning away from this spirit person, zoom in to get a better look.
medium is going through more changes for transfiguration and materialisation in brighter red light
the energy is getting stronger around the medium as more spirit friends get ready to appear, mediums hair and features are transfiguring and she is not fully in sitting
mediums face is altering her nose, hair, chin looks stubbly
who is peaking through the camera transfigured over the medium?
the energy is getting very intense around the medium, ready for the next spirit person to appear
a spirit person is attempting to transfigure over the medium
the mediums hair is longer and bushier at the back, bald at front of head, behind her on the chair is a mask slightly shadowed appearing on chair back you can see the eyelet appearing.
a face appears on one side of the mediums face transparent however clearer than the first face earlier on zoom in to get a closer look this face is looking right at you. mediums hair and part her features in face to have altered.
another face is making the attempt to transfigure over the medium whiles shes awake.a male?
you can see a transparent face slipping over the mediums face, the edges of spirit face are off the edge the face of medium is changing
medium seems to be gone? somethings appearing in front the chair
zoom in to see this clearer face of another spirit person a male face is looking on right at you whilst medium is looking in another direction, his head is within her neck area
spirit person sat in the chair the persons face is leaning in to the top back of the chair, blue lips chin below chair back eyes above chair b
elderly spirit person leaning forward and is in front of medium towards the side
mediums face has transfigured, you can see the spirit moving further into the mediums face, very masculine features medium has, face appears larger
a spirit face is beginning to appear at the side of mediums head into the neck area
you can clearly see spirit face a males face smiling, has teeth, face is close to medium face and shoulder area
you can see here a male attempting to materialise you can see his arm bent with fist, hes wearing a dark blue outfit which appears on the arm, his fist goes towards his head, his hair is short and brown his eyes are looking slightly downwards, as you can see the medium is leaning to oneside as this spirit person is appearing in front.
mediums appearance is of a guide coming forward tommy

Daytime Meditation pictures
materialising transparent face next to mediums, this is the origional picture look at the brightened image below
materialising transparent face next to mediums, this is the brightened picture
materialising almost transparent faceon the  mediums cheek going down, this is the origional picture look at the brightened image below
materialising almost transparent face on the  mediums cheek going down in line with ear, this is the brightened picture

face is already changing in transfiguration before medium closes eyes to meditate, what a suprising look being given
look at the mediums middle of chest, she has nothing on her no necklace during sitting, this appeared as she was about to meditate, reminds me of a ID card or something like it in this size, the mediums appearance is partly distorting
transfiguration is taking place during meditation
medium has a strong connection around her energy wise while meditating
mediums face is altering in appearance whilst meditating


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