18th feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration


on the 18th february 2011 the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship/transfiguration. Chris the circle leader is present, the medium sylvia, no other sitters present, the sitting is video recorded. Communicators spoke, guide tommy, kutumbu, transfiguration took place faces and phenomena came through, look below at the still shot images taken from the video recording of the clear images of transfiguration, some unexplainable spirit faces came through.
ray of red energy coming from side of mediums chair
face behind chair and in front of curtain appearing of spirit people whilst medium in chair getting ready to sit, clearer image
medium in chair as the curtain is closing
medium in chair as curtain closing brighter image, features of face beginning to change, a spirit is near her and curtain looking out
mediums face is transfigurating, facial features and structure changes seen
mediums face is transfiguring parts of the eye nose forhead are altering
mediums lips and cheeks are altering in transfiguration
something appears in mouth of medium?
the medium features are changing energy is building around the face
mediums face has changed very clearly here not her own face, possibly another female?
energy shift coing into the medium for the next transfiguration change
mediums head is lowered
celtic patterns start to appear on mediums face around upper lip and cheeks area, features in face are altering, a eye on forehead and other markings to
face is transfiguring again, eyes are altering shape and mouth
you see medium has her caardigan hood on, but who is this? new face and dark appearance large nose, large nostrils and features with a dog in front? brown? floppy ear?
this male face is clearly transfiguring over the mediums face, very clear, long eye lashes, nose looks like 2 noses, these are coming together, different shape face to mediums face and look
a dark mass appears into the medium
this male face appears almost illuminous in the way he glows over the medium, the light has gone down origional image
this male face appears almost illuminous in the way he glows over the medium, the light has gone down brightened image


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