19th feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration one off sitting on saturday


on saturday 19th feb 2011 as a one off mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, the evening was not as grand for sitting, however below are a few images for you to see. Chris was on call for work, sylvia still sat for a short time, chris assisted whilst waiting for a call out.
just before sitting was about to start for closing of curtains this came in, the mediums face has altered and looks as though dividing over in sections to make another face
this male transfigures over the mediums face, he has his head lowered, skin looks aged,nose is very different to mediums
mediums face is transfiguring more around the mouth and nose area chin and neck
mediums face has transfigured in the face, female possibly?
mediums lips have altered and the nose, eyebrows shaped slightly different to mediums


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