20th feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration


on the 20th february 2011 the mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship, chris the circle leader is present and the medium sylvia no other sitters present, tommy sylvias guide, silas another guide spoke, and answered questions that a friend of sylvia's wanted answers to. the sitting began at 6:30pm. After the closing prayer the video cam was left running and when sylvia came round out of trance state chris asked if she was ok and briefed her on the night, whilst communicating the porcelin bell that hangs from the ceiling began to move by itself, this was filmed before the camera was turned off. Look at the still shots of the images from the video, close ups of the medium. Warning: some images you may not feel compfortable with, do not look if it bothers you easy
mediums face is actively transfiguring a spirit face is moving in to the mediums face
alterations to the mediums face during transfiguration is taking place especialy around the mouth area
mediums face has a materialised face over her face you can clearly see the mediums nose has completely disappeared a tiny nose is in place, the mouth has also changed and the eyes, the facial shape has also changed in transfiguration, medium has now got longer eye lashes on one eye
the mediums face appears transfigured here, clear changes have been made in the face already
medium has another spirit person face transfiguring, the mouth and nose area is being transformed to the spirit persons appearance
the mediums face appears thinner the spirit persons face is moving over the mediums during transfiguration
as the transfiguration takes place here something appears at side of mediums cheek mouth area slightly above is teeth could this be a new lip?
during transfiguration taking place you can clearly see a new mouth with teeth are forming over the mediums, the face is transfiguring also
the mediums mouth is closed here yet you can see teeth appearing over the mediums mouth area, the face to is transfiguring
an ET comes through transfiguration with a strange form of communication also, the mediums clothing has alterations to it, the face to has altered by the ET the energy was very strong during the sitting
you can see marks on the mediums face appearing, very clear, transfiguration is taking place
the mediums lips and nose are altering as you can see during transfiguration
the medium is appearing slightly dis colored in face lips and nose have changed her cardigan to is changing a pattern is appearing
you can see the medium is in transfiguration stage a face is masking over hers very strong in appearance
mediums lips seem fuller thicker on lower lip cheeks wider and chin to has changed wider
a spirit person is moving into the mediums face, the transparency of the spirit can be seen
a spirit head with face appears on the mediums cardigan
medium is going through a strong transfiguration, could this be the conjoined looking spirit person who has come through in a previous sitting, see below this picture. 
after the sitting was coming to an end the porcelin bell began to move on its own, see the blue orb on the bell? the bell is being pulled by the string.
medium is transfiguring and has lots happening around her
even though the mediums mouth is closed, you can see another mouth open speaking
whilst the bell was moving things became more energised in the room you can see light is changing
over the bell you can see a transparent head shape, on the wall the bluish light energy is forming
as the bell swings the energy of spirit get stronger can you see the changes in light and color coming in
the red light is blanked out by spirit the room gains more activity and energy things are attempting to appear the white wall has outlined transparency of something wanting to materialise, the picture on side of wall has a white spirit coming in a ET of a higher life, the picture of chris guide has changed to another picture inside it, going across near the doorway entrance on beams you can see materialising a curtain type rail and a valence looking curtain or bunting.
whilst the sitting is still in operation spirit start to appear in the chairs at the back of room next to chris howarth, chris too appears to be transfigured in face? look at chris face also, he has another spirit face appearing into his, another spirit face to is near bottom of the curtain, pulling its tongue out also. The scrying mirror above chris head to is showing energy, the white square behind chris head should not be there, need to find out what that is.
as the medium looks on at the bell, the spirit still put themselves over her to transfigure can you see the transparency of bell shaspe and another transparent object in line with mediums mouth, the energy is very strong?


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