21st feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration


0n the 21st february 2011 the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship at 7:30pm, due to earlier delays sitting began later than planned, present is chris, medium sylvia, no other sitters present. 2 video cameras was running the same time however the camera viewing seating area for sitters ran out early, nothing was found on the footage. the mediums camera footage was found, take a look at the images below, communicators came through and spoke, there is a very strange looking picture where the seating area is filmed on the mediums camera, a pair of eyes are looking just ABOVE top of a sitters chair, this is posted below.
medium is in trance, face is showing ssigns of transfiguration
mediums face is transfiguring you can see clear changes in the face, nose, eyes,cheeks
mediums nose lips and cheeks in process of transfiguration
spirit person is slipping over the mediums face, change is taking place stronger appearance of spirit person
medium is looking more male in this transfiguration the nose mouth have altered a stubbleness as for a beard is beginning to form
the mediums face is being marked out by the spirit person, the mouth eyes and nose area show  alterations for further preparation the chin has a goaty beard coming through
mediums chin has changed rounder and broader, lips to have altered
the curtain was closed at this point yet appearance of spirit appear as though in front of it whilst medium is seated at the beginning of sitting this is a brightened picture the origional is very dark
on the second chair on the wall 2 eyes are in view looking into the video camera


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