22nd feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration


on the 22nd february 2011 the mysterious circle sits for transfiguration, during the sitting communicators speak and make there regular efforts to appear on the mediums face, present in the circle is chris the circle leader, and sylvia the medium, no other sitters present, some activity occured in the room and also on the outer, there was attempts spirit did try to move the mediums chair whilst medium sat in it. Look below at the images of transfiguration that are still shots off the video recordings.
a hand materialises up the mediums face, spirit person blows a kiss, looking in to the camera, note the mediums arms are down by her sides
a male spirit person comes through the medium transfigured
a scarf and flowers materialise around the mediums neck, the mediums face has transfigured not her own face
the mediums arms are down by her side you can see a hand at the side of the mediums face going upwards a face is coming through transfiguration at this point, this could be the female coming through with scarf and flowers as a flower is appearing to in this picture on mediums shoulder area opposite side to hand
mediums face is changing the spirit face is going over the mediums you c an see the transparency of the spirit face like looking through glass
the mediums face and hair is drasticly changing the front of her hair has grown appears dark curled hair, sorry theres a black nose just above forhead into hairline? face is not fully transfgured
signs of transfiguration beginning here on the mediums face
mediums facial appearance is altered
mediums mouth and chin are altering during transfiguration and nose
you can see the mediums face is transfiguring hair face changes and structure in view the transparency of the spirit face is moving up into the face
mediums lips and nose going through transfiguration
you can see clearly the mediums face has gone larger in size the spirit face is over her face, you can see clearly a male smiling.
the mediums face has transfigured again the face has completely changed, a young male the eyebrows have grown longer in length almost meeting in the middle the nose is very different to mediums the ears to are in view you can see the transparency of the spirit person over mediums face
mediums chin, lips and nose area have altered, you can see part of the transparency going over the mediums head eyebrows to have altered
mediums face has changed here note the forehead is it writing?
mediums face has markings on face in process of transfiguration the forehead has possibly glasses  on?
the mediums face is in stages of face transfiguration features are clearly seen forming here in the face
face has completely transfigured here possibly female? with face pointing downwards, mouth nose is very different to mediums


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