27th feb 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration


on the 27th february 2011 the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, present is chris the circle leader, sylvia the medium, no other sitters present. Just before the sitting began an apport appeared right in front of sylvia's feet, before the apport appeared sylvia asked a question regarding her mediumship and the negativity that has been brewing around her this past few days, "how can you prove what you have of spirit on video footage when somethings that appear on the footage can then dis appear and re appear on there own and when you know the footage is there how come it does not always appear in the normal speed for the human eye to see"? which spirit did explain during the sitting whilst the medium was in deep trance, during the time sylvia spoke out to the spirit people before the sitting began and the  apport landed right where her feet are whilst she was sat down, below is a picture of the apport, it maybe hard for you to see, I will describe how it looks, it is clear on the outside slightly off circle in shape, pure white circle in the middle, she looked for other explanations as to what it could be, or where it could be from, the room had already been vaccumed out the floor was showing no dust or crumbs etc on it. She was told to use this apport when she sits as this will help the spirit team do more in helping get any footage on film seen in normal video playing speed, however at this time there explanation to why things appear, disappear and re appear is because they do not want anyone to get hold of the video recordings and tamper with it  or find spirits way of working, in other words they want to safe gaurd the medium and themselves as they felt the person who already is making attempts to get things from the medium now wants to do further harm, and spirit have made the circle aware it is there way of securing in a safe way anyone who is out to harm, will not get what they want easily. Yet spirit have pointed out that the video the footage is in the video recordings still they have not gone. I said to spirit, "saying this to anyone they may not believe what is being said, and could easily say to me  that the images was created and it was not on the video recordings", spirit reassured only those they wish to see will see.
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Apport recieved on 27/02/2011 had trouble photographing the apport as the object is very small, it is round clear like glass on the outside, white and round on the inside.
chris was getting in to the chair next to me for a special journey spirit wanted to take him on to experience there is black between us both, shadows have to be illiminated?
chris was in the chair next to me for a special journey spirit wanted to take him on to experience there is black between us both shadows have to be illiminated?
face transfigures over medium
whilst chris sat next to medium in chair, this face appears in transfiguration, must be the communicator who made him aware of the journey spirit wanted to take him on, you must ask chris himsself what occured and what happend
medium is deep in trance state
medium is preparing at this stage for communication
just before the sitting ends this spirit person appears over the mediums face, the medium was not sure whether to share this picture or not, as a skeptic would look at it in the quality in how it looks over the mediums face as faulty film etc.


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