4th february 2011 mysterious circle sitting physicalmediumship, transfiguration amazing images


On the 4th January 2011 the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, demonstrating transfiguration, circle sitter chris is present, the medium sylvia. during the sitting the music was playing, chris communicated with spirit team communicators and watched the transfiguration, take a look at the faces that have come through there are images showing eyes appearing over the mediums eyelids, the mediums eyes was closed all through the transfiguration sitting. some images have been brightened up so you can see clearer the origional images are also added, these are still shots off the video recording.
the line is appearing over the mediums nose
this person in transfiguration has very baggy looking eyes? the mouth to has changed brightened up image
this person in transfiguration has very baggy looking eyes? the mouth to has changed  origional image
mediums head looking downwards her nose looks more square, altered face
do you see the energy coming out the mediums nose? her nose to has changed in shape
this face is similar to a face that came in, a previous sitting
mediums mouth has dark markings in the sides, the nose has altered in appearance, eyebrows have changed to
Do you see eyes appearing on top of the mediums eyelids? her eyes are closed
do  you see the medciums nose has altered there are markings on the forhead
do you see how the eyes have changed, the mediums eyes have been closed through the sitting at all times the face that has come through in transfiguration has its eyes open zoom in for better look
this picture is a brightened picture of a face similar to a face that camee in a previous sitting in january 2011


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