6th February 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship,transfiguration


on the 6th february 2011 the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, present is chris the circle leader, medium sylvia. No other sitters present, the medium on this occasion has no music during the sitting, everything is in silence, the whole of the sitting has been video recorded, as well as later after the sitting still shots of the transfigured faces that came through have been saved to put up for all to see. There was not alot of trance communication, direct voice did not occur. below are some transfigured images for you to see, the picture quality is dark on some pictures.
alot of bluish purple energy appearing around the mediums face 
changes around the mouth area and chin is beginning to transfigure
the mediums forehead nose area cheeks chin are now darkening and altered in to a transfigured face a eye can also be seen
the mediums facial structure has altered thicker lips, cheeks eyes to have altered in the transfiguration, the darker appearences are strong in the face
mediums lips are altering during transfiguration, the white line of light appearing on the nose
you can clearly see changes in the mediums cheeks and nose beginning to change in a stronger sense the cheek could have a scar or something else on it


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