7th February 2011 During meditation in daylight


on the 7th february 2011 sylvia sat for meditation in her lounge in a nice quiet atmosphere whilst the children are at school, during her meditation, she was not going to be fully aware of the suprise she was about to discover on her camcorder when she was to play it back. She was alone in the house, all phones plugged out, tv off, theres only the coal fire on and birds outside in the ivy on the house tweeting. To her discovery, she found her ownself became in an intense light and removed from her chair, there is a pixeled image that shows something is happening and onanother image the full intense light, then her chair empty. the weather outside is raining the room is darker in parts of the video due to levels of natural daylight is not great in parts of the video it brightens up, parts of the mediums face shows signs of transfiguration, however, what took her for a short tim in the time she meditated for less than 1 hour? note the setee has changed color to a beige? during the deportation of the medium.
view pictures below, you may believe or disbelieve. pictures are not in any order
very dark appearance in the video at beginning of filming
mediums face is appearing not as dark as before
transfiguration is beginning to show in the face
you can see transfiguration is taking place
energy of transfiguration is showing in areas of face below nose cheeks forehead
mediums face is blacked out on one side her hairline showing a alteration in hair part of the forehead is changing and chin
it is darkening up alot in this picture
the transfiguration and color energy is building up on one side of her face more than the other
mediums expresion during meditation
mediums expression during meditation with the strange light coming in with a strange phenomena happening around her head
the strong beam of light that takes the whole medium in the chair
the chair has changed color medium has vanished, where is she?
mediums chair going back to its normal color the medium is still not in the chair where is she?
who is this part transparent materialised/dematerialised person/s in the chair, this is not the mediums face? looks like a female huging into a child head to head?or is the child a doll?
medium appearing in the chair check the hand pushing her into the chair
medium looks dazed as to say where am I part of her face has a transfigured energy on one side of hers

Evening sitting for physicalmediumship 7th February 2011

on the 7th february 2011 the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, chris the circle leader present, the medium sylvia, no other sitters present at this time, during the sitting music was played after the opening prayer. the mediums guides and communicators came through and spoke, during the sitting chris was asked to feel the mediums face as her face was wet, it was explained why her face gains water.
during communication with different spirit people, faces came through, here are some faces that appeared on the video recordings.

who is this male with a very long moustache? this is the origional image look at the brightened up image below
who is this male with a very long moustache? this is the brightened image

another transfigured face, this person has a native look about them, this is the brightened image



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