9th February 2011 mysterious circle sits for meditation during the day and sitting in evening physicalmediumship,transfiguration


on the 9th February 2011 sylvia decided to sit for meditation during the daytime whilst the children was at school. All phones was switched off, it is daylight, so rather than sit for meditation in the lounge, she sat in the seance room, when she completed her meditation, she played back the video recording of herself meditating, and discovered these images, look at these still shots off the video recording. Check back later today to view the blog on this evenings sitting. THE EVENING SITTING GOT CANCELED DUE TO CHRIS GETTING HOME LATE
Sylvia's Meditation in the daylight in the seance room:
You can see a clear image of a person appearing on the mediums cardigan, full face and shoulder look at the brightened image below

this is the brightened image of the above origional image, this face may have been getting ready to transfigurate over the medium, however due to a sudden distration this face appeared on her cardigan. you can see part of the shoulder of this spirit person.
who is this that came through sylvia during meditation? you can see a big alteration in the face and hair


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