16th march 2011 MYsterioUS Circle meditation &Physical mediumship Medium Sylvia Howarth


on the 16th march 2011 sylvia the medium of mysterious circle, decided to sit for meditation, with the week being slow where she has not sat regular as she normaly does, today she felt a need to meditate whilst everyone was out of the house, she was prompted by spirit to put the black background up, whilst she sat for meditation, she was not fully aware where a noise was coming from yet she felt it was near her whilst her eyes was closed, when she played the video back, the background has and energy on it imprinting and moving itself along the background, and during the time this occurs even before the mediums eyes close, the faces appear on her face, look below at the faces that have come through over hers, please check back later for this evenings updates on the physical sitting.

Evening sitting:
the medium only sat a short time this evening few pictures appeared on the video recording, medium feels at this time as though she getting ill with a bug, see how she is tomorrow, if she not up to sitting she will get better then re sit when fully over the bug.

daytime meditation:
who is this man?

mediums eye color has changed from brown to white

medium going through transfiguration, the energy was strong

mediums face transfigured eyes have altered in shape cheek and mouth to

it was very active at this point the spirit energy that rearranges mediums face
face appears during meditation

mediums jaw mouth eyes are transfiguring, older person



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