1st March 2011 sylvia the medium of the mysterious circle sat for meditation


On the 1st March 2011 sylvia the medium of the mysterious circle sat for meditation during the day time whilst the kids was at school and partner is at work, no one else in the house, only her, take a look at what happens in the meditation, look at her head position and chair position where she sits from start to finish, the cam gets moved by spirit, there's noises, direct voice? a voice was heard saying ha or ha ha, plus breathing near the camera not the mediums voice,and a spirit energy appears fast over medium from wall  next to mediums chair during sitting not before, medium does not move at all during the sitting even though at times she felt an urge to, but needed to stick it out to the end.. Please check back this evening for update on tonights sitting.
Day time meditation:
p.s not all the video uploaded it should of been 30 minutes in length it is 14 minutes, not sure why youtube has not took up the full upload, hope you get an idea what's going on with half the video clip
whether communication is taking place during transfiguration or not, the 2 worlds are both interlocking in an unexplainable way that can not be easily answered, spirit are doing this, not technology or software, they are, this is what they are achieving in sharing in what we see as an impossible, they make the impossible, possible. view the images below still shots off the video.
spirit face appears over the medium during the meditation sitting, the face appears  caught on film
a male spirit appears here clear in build facial structure quiet large, found on video of  meditation sitting
changes occurring in mediums face during meditation sitting showing on video recording
during a meditation sitting in the daytime this face is found on the video recording, the mediums hair has blond coming through, the eyes of spirit also has light color eyes blond eye lashes, medium feels her mum may have attempted to come through, the eyes are like her mums, will need to add a picture to this so you can see if there is a resemblance or not? may be some one else.
Evening Sitting for Physical Mediumship:
During the evening, chris should have been present in the sitting, however was partly present, the video is large in size, will convert it and upload soon, this phenomena is similar to the day but on a grander scale, chris should have been fully present to verify what was actually happening with the cam or table to which it could be or both. will need to put markers on the floor where table is and where the camera stand is to on the table to study what's going on better for the next sittings, the transfiguration cannot be seen to easy on this evenings video due to the camera being moved by spirit, i feel they are changing there way of working also.
I played back some past videos to see where or if camera has moved before? it shows on some video's going back to early february it has moved but not as strong as now.
after the evening i went to bed, had an experience in the night, i just managed to get my sleep back as chris now has new sleep apnea masks and it better for him not to, for sleep. suddenly in the night there was a lot of noise on my side of the bed, rustling, popping and movement, before i went to sleep for the evening i knew where I had left a box with bubble wrap inside, how it was positioned etc, what occurred as I woke the box had moved but the bubble wrap was part pulled out the box and the popping sound was from the bubble wrap, and the noise of plastic bags was happening, as i woke and eliminated other explanations during the night the noise stopped.
On the 24th february 2011 had an experience, it was when things was going a bit crazy on PM4U and you tube, I was going to post this experience but it all got cut short so I felt to hold back. I began to doubt everything I knew was true with spirit, I was questioning in my own mind that all the work spirit brought through, was it my imagination, was it another explanation even though i knew that it was real and genuine all they have been doing. Tension was high, i was doing all i could to remain calm, i was sat down in the lounge and was checking something on computer, suddenly this small clear see through shape appeared in front of me, i thought oh must be a mark on computer screen, i turned my head as I turned my head away from computer, the tiny shape moved with me, well I could not believe how fast something could grow huge in size and was widening out in front of me, as though i could walk into it, well I assumed it was an illness of some kind and maybe something could happen to me, i rang chris phone telling him about it, as i spoke to him it was still there happening, i finished the call thinking is my time up, what is this, well i had an urge to attempt to get it on camera, as i grabbed the video camera, it moved fast to the side of me, so as i was attempting to photograph it, it moved fast and went behind up and over back on my head, in other words it went back in my head, i captured what i could of it, it is transparent it had a jagged edge then a rainbow color on the edges of the outside, i know you may think this sounds like an un believable story, but it is true, look at me, I look lighter in skin color, my features to altered, and the energy going back in fast in my head, wish i could some how get another person to understand the things that happen to me, to believe it ,you  would believe it if/ when it happens to you personally. it was explained by spirit later what that was and chris was in shock when he heard what spirit said on this, will let you know more on that soon, cannot disclose to much yet.
this is me, i appear different in skin color , hair color, features not the same, skin looks young in appearance to,the energy is going back in my head fast it is transparent in color the same stuff that helps transfigure faces when they are about to appear on  face or are appearing on face, and when they transparently materialize/materialize to solid state different to ectoplasm
on the 22nd february whilst i was sat in the cabinet and the black background was up, this man appears, sat, it is not the other end of the seance room, this is where the medium was sat but was some how brought through on the video cam recording, have more pictures like this, the spirit have expressed playing a video recording in normal speed the eye cannot see it, when you scan through it slow at a miller second it pops up, many spirit do pop up hidden in the recordings.
this man appeared on 22nd february 2011 during sitting for physical mediumship


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