20th March 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship transfiguration


on the 20th march 2011 the mysterious circle sat a little earlier than normal for physicalmediumship, session lasted just over 40 mins, present is chris the circle leader, sylvia the medium, no other sitters present. there has been lengthy communication come through from tommy, plus kutumbu made an appearance and gave healing to chris. When the sitting was over, went through the video recording, found some interesting images of faces coming through. Take a look below. The Vortex opens up like a black hole , comes out of the mediums head even though she is wearing a hood, the transfiguration images are not strong on some pictures yet the vortex transparentcy is visible and you may see with your own eyes spirit/et faces appearing. the Black going over the medium is part energy and part chris combined getting his healing from kutumbu, chris maybe shadowing part the medium?. I checked with chris after first posting this post up, on the possible shadow coming from him, he said there was no shadow he can recall whilst sat getting healing, so this is possibly kutumbus energy coming in through medium.



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