21st march 2011 Beyond physicalmediumship mysterious circle in light


today is 21st march 2011, what a beautiful sunny day, what a nice atmosphere when the sun puts smiles on peoples faces, it is absolutely uplifting, well have i got news to share with you, this morning from 9:30am daytime sylvia did 2 meditations in 2 different rooms, firstt meditation was in the seance room, the second was in the lounge. You will see the differences in the images which are still shots off the video recordings how spbegan sittingt irit are working with different levels of light. You will be suprised with the ones during second sitting in the lounge what appears. the second sitting sylvia did meditate, yet just before she made her introduction on the video recording with the time date, and welcoming the spirit team and ET to come forward by there own free will, there daylight appearances are getting better. Check back for updates on this evenings sitting.

The evening sitting went really well, it is a shame the redlight had to be used as the natural daylight shows the spirit people alot better, communication came through, it been varified a grandfather and baby in connection to sylvia came through, baby harry how he would of looked full term at birth, however it been pointed out he is growing up in the spiritworld to the age he would be now.
Look at the images below for this evening sitting, chris and sylvia present no other sitters.

Evening Sitting: 

a face appears on mediums forhed the lips are between the eyes nose centre forehead, eyes top forhead,medium in transfiguration

male spirit face appears side on to mediums

snake head poking out transparent top mediums head?

spirit communicating here the dark energy appears over medium

is that a snake wrapped transparent around mediums neck snake head appears top of head?

face appears in chair

male face appears side on to mediums face

1st Sitting seance room Meditation:

mediums face is transfiguring at this point

facial changes around cheeks mouth

an energy appearing in the chair whilst medium is out of chair

mediums face transfigured here

medium face is altering a transparent energy from vortex is coming in from back of medium look at the outer hair line

mediums face transfiguring here could be a young male?

face looks older, face transfigured here

second sitting meditation lounge: 

you can see clearly here in natural daylight the male face appears over the mediums face, as though 2 faces want to share the same head, possibly oriental male with moustache at top mediums upper head, you can see the male has his own hair also.

medium has transfigured here in natural daylight, the nose has gone something else in it's place?

another spirit person face is moving into the mediums face, you can see her face yet lower down and out to one side the spirit persons face, completely different to one another.

whats happening here?a transparent face with body is in front of the medium, yet there face appears on the mediums hair

you can see over the medium a transparent spirit with white teeth

part materialised spirit and part transparent over mediums face

transfiguration occuring here

here you can see the stroner appearance of the spirit in front of the mediums head with a full body appearance

the male face on one side of medium is very clear

medium face has transfigured yet another face appears on the upper part of her head

the vortex energy of spirit is strong here the medium looks disfigured here while a spirit person is coming through

a head appears on the side of mediums chair impressed to the chair colorful look in the mediums palms of hands whats coming out of them? the Vortex transparent

another head appears as though coming out the mediums neck area the face eyes are closed,and a tiny hand next to it poking out mediums jumper, smaller head to medium is this a baby?

the setee where medium sat for daytime meditation



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