22nd march 2011 Beyond physicalmediumship mysterious circle in light Meditation


It is the day of 22nd march 2011, lovely spring sunny day, the weather and atmosphere is enjoyable, this morning, sylvia sat for meditation, however during and before meditation, some remarkable spirit people appear on the video recordings, take a look below at the images. the sitting began from 9:28am whilst family are out of the house.
There may not be an actual physicalmediumship sitting this evening, as chris oncall, however sylvia may sit in seance room and meditate.

you can see crossing over into mediums face another spirit head clear in appearance, with its own arms raised transparently whilst mediums arms are down by her sides

Transparent spirit showing on mediums top

as though looking through glass you can see the transparency of the spirit with arms up, mediums arms down, yet mediums face has transfigured, note the lips on chin also, medium has no hair to see here as the whole head has transfigured.A bird appears transparent sat on the mediums shoulder not on the side of raised arm.

medium is relaxed here in meditation, can you see the transparent spirit person higher up the medium, the lips and teeth are very materialised to see smiling,wearing his own clothes, if you zoom in and look at the mediums face , touching her face on one side is an object? could be symbolic, ornamont or the way the person or couple? died, it a car/mini bus looking as though been in a accident, yet it on top of something looking off balance, but leanining into mediums face, the mediums face has transfigured here into another females, mysterious circle will need to research the couple to find the connection in what fully happend to them/one of them.

medium is very relaxed in meditation here, you can see on the neck of medium the transparent vortex building in that area

the medium is encased with a spirit  person coming in to her, the mouth appears on chin, the transparency is all over medium

you can see materialising and part transparent the male coming through clear, his face looking on at you, another spirit person to is attempting to edge there way in to be seen, just next to the male face.

you can see on one side of the mediums face, the spirit face appearing very clear whilst medium is looking on a different direction

moving over at an angel on mediums face, a clear face appears with mouth and eyes open, the asrms and sleeve of arm garments are completely different and seperate to each other and on same side doing 2 different things.one sleeve to the spirit is wearing a stripe top mediums sleeve is plane. materialised next to the cream and brown stripes is a potatoe peeler or something like it?

a small hand is emerging up the mediums chest to neck, transparent almost solid looking.

the mediums face here is completely different, the transfiguration process is clearly seen

a different mouth appears on the mediums lower mouth area

vortex on the neck area transparent

the face is transfigured over medium, the spirit person looking solid in form

at the side of the mediums head near hair and ear her appeasrance has altered, her face is showing signs of transf

mediums nose has a strong energy on it

3.medium going through a part dematerialisation swap with another spirit person,ribbons appear on the mediums top.

spirit person coming through

1.medium going through a part dematerialisation swap with another spirit person,ribbons appear on the mediums top.

2.medium going through a part dematerialisation swap with another spirit person

spirit face appears very clear over mediums head solid looking in appearance

female spirit person, solid looking in the face looking towards windowendofvid



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