22nd March 2011 I Discovered something you may to find disturbing


Today is 24th march 2011, I made a discovery that I found very disturbing, however this is part of the realness in physicalmediumship, what gets brought through and shown in how a person has lived, and how they possibly died, I got through on the 22nd march 2011 spirit came through on the video recording when I scanned through the images after sitting for meditation, look at the images below, a woman suffered violence, at the back of her is a man, who must be the person who was hurting her, my face on another picture, is impressed with her injuries, you can see also the injuries in the puicture the man is at the back of her, her face looks in fear and the injuries look strong, you can make up your own mind what you think.

Here you can see over my face another female face different to mine, she looks as though she in fear her face looks beaten, behind her is a man you can see part of his head black moustache, pitty his full face was not shown, whatever been going on here this has come through for a reason, either something has already happened in this persons time of life, or another explanation I have not come across yet, all I can say is, spirit will come through in all kinds of ways, emotional, scared, happy sad, there will be people who do not believe it possible, but it is, and I hope I get answers further soon to who this couple is, if a couple and what went on or the cause to why this has come up on the video recording.

zoom in to my face, you can see blood marks, my eyes look terrible, bruised cheek, chin etc, could be the injuries of this woman left behind on me, or it a sign for myself that maybe I am not aware of. 

 If there is anyway, the physical form of mediumship here is going to be useful and helpful in solving or helping solve a crime that may never of been solved, who knows maybe it could be a lead to something one day, who knows



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