23rd march 2011 Beyond physicalmediumship mysterious circle in light


on the 23rd march 2011, mysterious circle could not sit for full physicalmediumship as chris on call, however sylvia sat during the evening for meditation whilst the atmosphere felt peaceful. she sat with the redlight on, here is what appeared on the video recording, look below at the images.

a male face appears on the mediums hood you can see the eyes nose mouth open, mediums face is downwards

mediums face has transfigured here, male face appears, part of the hands to have changed.

very strong transfiguration, oriental male appears

mediums face has transfigured, a dematerialised looking hand appears on mediums hood, yet mediums full arm is seen on opposite side, 2 different looking hands.Eyes appear on hood in between finger area with nose.

part dematerialised looking hands working around towards back of head on mediums head, mediums arms by her side

mediums arms are at her hood here clearly seen, her face has transfigured, lips are thicker nose to is different in shape

mediums nose is pointed here not her usual normal nose, eyes and full face has xhanged shape



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