25th march 2011 Beyond physicalmediumship mysterious circle in light


on the 25th march 2011 sylvia the medium of the mysterious circle sat for meditation today, she will also be sitting for physicalmediumship in the evening time. today has been another day of suprises found on the video recordings, look at the images  for daytime below, she did 2 test sittings, one in the lounge and 1 in the hallway, she only found an orb on her clthing for hall sitting, she will recheck the video later for the hall sitting, she found quiet a few faces on the lounge sitting, please check back later for updates on the evening sitting.Today i was asked a question from a friend called Ivan, if there was any way I could find out who his guide is, the guide came through, an angel below.

 Evening Sitting Meditation, Chris could not sit:
Below are images, of some of the higher realms, some angelic some et,

medium dematerialising into the chair

from higher realm, another species

other hands and arms appear touching medium, in blue sleeves, small hands and fingers

transparent head appears on side of mediums face

From the higher realms angel, transparent wingsthis is my friend Ivan Piero Gizzi
guide, connected with italy i feel a famous artist also had a connection with an angel portrait with a face similar, 2 angels here in one male and female.

spirit transfigured over mediums face, something in the forehead?

from a higher realm an et of another species,female, holding something in hand?

another higher realm angelic and connectected with et in its species form, male, transparent wings

Daytime Meditation Sitting:

orb appears on medium in hallway



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