27th march 2011 Beyond physicalmediumship mysterious circle in light, Did the Masquerade Happen?

on the 27tth march 2011 at 6:30 pm the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, chris the circle leader present and the medium sylvia, no other sitters present. During the sitting, there was Direct Voice coming from the cabinet and other parts of the room, plus trance communication, Masny different peoples faces appeared on the video recording, theres that many we are still still shoting images, now the mysterious circle cannot say a masquerade or any one in  masks has or has not appeared as the video recording still being checked, for ones we have found have no mask at this time. Chris has not said if he has heard anything like a masquerade ball during siting. Before the sitting during the same dasy 2 questions was asked from friends, can the sufi master who is a healer, a guide to a friend, appeAR IN THE SITTING? IT HAS BEEN DESCRIBED BY THE spirit team of mysterious circle a man with a beard, sometimes wears wqhite robes is the look of his guide, I am looking on the video recording for him, when I find him will post him up. it has also been confirmed who Ivans guides name is, the artist in connection with the angel is called pablo piccaso yet the angels name is golden seeker with angelo.The spirit team asked part way through the sitting to change the light, keep the redlight on, swith the main light on to give more light, so the faces can be seen during the sitting clearer. You will see the light changes in the photos.



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