30th march 2011 the great out doors first time meditation, spirit appear


today is the 30th march 2011, sylvia sits for meditation but with a difference, 2 different sittings, one outside in the back garden, and the other in doors in the lounge, there has been some very remarkable changes coming in the mediums face, and suprising results, make up your own mind what you are seeing yourself, this is still shots from the video recordings, nothing has been altered or changed, nor added, all images are as they are on the film.

Evening Physicalmediumship Sitting:

This evening the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship, present is chris the circle leader, and the medium sylvia, during the sitting communication came through from spirit through trance, names, dates, also given from the spirit that spoke, below are images of spirit that came through during the sitting in redlight. Healing was confirmed and given to chris, and further healing to be given tonight whilst he sleeps.

Elizabeth  Rose Mary Jacobs Passed 3rd September 1870

spirit hands holding mediums face, the face appears multi in appearance,

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male spirit transfigured here on the mediums face, side view

mediums face transfigured clearly here

spirit transparent head appears behind the medium in the chair

North american indian that came through the sitting, visibly seen by chris the circle leader

Daytime Meditation:

2 faces in one here, during transfiguration

mediums face going through transfiguration

face beginning to appear on mediums forehead, face of medium has already transfigured, male

2 faces appearing in one here, back of mediums head and at front of mediums head

face appearing from cheek downwards

2 faces in one shown clearly here during transfiguration

lips appear on the mediums cheek

materialising indian with sylvia the medium in the garden



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