31st march 2011 Stronger connection with spirit


It is now 31st march 2011 the last day of march, what a remarkable month it has been and sitting has been a great opportunity for the spirit people of all walks of existance to come forward and communicate and appear.The out doors is going to be a place where sittings will become more regular as long as the weather is nice for it. Today sylvia sat in the lounge for her usual meditation, and coming through, some one which is possibly from a period where wigs for women who wore ball room gowns of a high status, appears today in one of the still shot images below.
Many stronger appearences where materialsation is getting better and stronger for the spirit, the more the sittings are taking place, make up your own minds what you think you are seeing. Please check back this evening for the updated blog page for the physical sitting for tonight, thank you.

Male spirt appearing over the medium, transparent, yet not far from becoming solid in appearance, even though you can see through him, his structure and face is all there with body

1st stage of female wearing wig appearing

appearing here is a woman wearing a very tall wig, possibly similar to Antoinette style



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