3rd March 2011 explaining how spirit worlds are running at different speed to ours?


on the 3rd march 2011 sylvia sat for meditation, she did 2 test meditations to eliminate any other explanation to see whether the cam was being moved by spirit, or if there was any other cause, both test sittings became the same, still the cam moved.
Now this is going to baffle you, a skeptic would say, that any image could be created by technology or software, I am showing in my honesty what has been going on when i check the video recordings. When I scan carefully through the video recordings to look for anything phenomenal, transfiguration, spirit appearing etc, it shows up when i scan, now when I play the video back in normal play it does not appear however some times it does appear, so here are 2 pictures to look at of the same image but how spirit bring it through on the video recordings. guest sitters who sit face to face in the circle, do see things happening when the medium transfigures or when there's other phenomena taking place, the big question mark is, how are spirit going beyond technology to get there footage on and off a recording when they wish to. The video recordings do show in normal play phenomena or energy occurring, and like I said in a previous post, spirit have already said the reasons why they do the video recording for things of themselves to appear and disappear is in miller or nano seconds the human eye cannot always grab to see quick enough. people could easily say, it's another explanation or a fault in the film etc which I agree things can happen, the medium in the pictures this is occurring to, other pictures where image is not pixel and is clear are found sat next to a sitter and there's no pixelation, spirit transparently appear with there own face, body, can be away from the medium not always near her head, there is definitely a form of physical mediumship occurring in away no one is used to or can relate to easily, and all images and video are genuine in how they have come out, nothing has been added or taken from them.
Still shot of the medium from the video recording of today 3rd march 2011 nothing has been altered original image
Still shot of the medium from the video recording of today 3rd march 2011 nothing has been altered original image yet this is the same image as the above picture, in the same location on the video recording, the image of the picture above on the video recording with another spirit person coming in over the medium, the background is not pixel, the medium appearance has changed, no picture has been tampered with and you cannot create these images it impossible and in the time and speed spirit are bringing it through, yet it is on the video recording in a different speed to normal speed, it is like playing to worlds of existence at 2 different speeds at the same time, work that one out because I cannot, I am still trying to get my head around it all.

spirit face appears over the side of mediums face

ET appears in this image at the back of the mediums chair


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