6th March 2011 mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship,transfiguration/meditation


on the 6th march 2011 the mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship however it was cut short lasted 33 mins, chris did not sit he chose to watch a film in stead which then kinda ruined what did occur when sylvia the medium sat in meditation instead, a male spirit in own direct voice spoke, announcing "sylvia we want you to work with energy or speak to you about energy" or it was " the reason parts of the words was not fully clear to hear was, chris turned up the tv sound which could be part heard in background and it got in the way of the spirit communicating, this became a frustrating time. Any how below are some images of spirit faces coming through whilst I sat, there appearances are getting stronger and some are different in appearance to those faces back in january and february. i feel each month the spirit will change things and bring more suprises. will add more pictures tomorrow what I find on the video recording.

mediums skin is already showing signs of transfiguration occuring around the forehead temples

this spirit is from the higher realms that has come through transfiguration, the hair and eye color plus skin is very much different to other realms of life exsistances

you can see here the features of the medium have altered already in transfiguration

before the medium closes her eyes to begin transfiguration the signs of transfiguration are already beginning to appear

medium is meditationg the transfiguration is beginning to take place  a shadow is part seen on the wall of a spirit, note it is not chris

spirit person appears over the mediums face from the higher realms

medium is dematerialising in the chair at this point

medium in meditation the transfiguration is getting ready to begin

the chair in the start positionbefore the sitting, the camera has been controlled by spirit during sitting

mediums face in transfiguration process

the chair in the end position after the sitting, the camera has been controlled by spirit during sitting
you can see here changes in nose shape, lips eyes and face clearly different to the mediums



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