7th March 2011 MYsterioUS circle sits for physicalmediumship,transfiguration guest sitters StandSted Hall

on the 7th march 2011 at 6:30pm mysterious circle had some guest sitters from standsted hall plus a friend, steven, jill, norman, chris sat to witness the beyond physicalmediumship of the circle, watching the medium in action.... before the sittin g began, the guest sitters had the opportunity and did check the seance room and equipment and also had the opportunity to check the medium to eliminate any doubts or questioning before sitting. 2 cameras was recording the live sitting, a camera was on the medium at close range, another camera at back of room filming everyone in the sitting. Both cameras have picked up phenomena, faces etc, stand sted took a copy of the video recording at close range of the medium, but refused to take a copy of the other video recording from other camera, it is possible they may want it soon as we have alerted them, things are happening on the camera also. Questioning took place before sitting as well as after of the medium, standsted are attempting to look for another explanation in to how the video recordings are showing phenomena of spirit in what they do, it has been suggested use different camera, we do it still happens, plus it has been suggested to have some one sit like the medium using these cameras to see if it happens for them, what ever test conditions are given, spirit will do what they will do, as they have free will like we have free will. The assessment is not over this is only the beginning, and spirit people will do all they can to prove there life of existance is real and it is a now, spirit have no need to be fixed to one way of showing themselves, they will appear in any kinda light or dark, and maybe for those who are not used to spirit appearing on any camcorder or camera etc, and you may have doubted it, spirit can bring the impossible to us to a possible for them to show and prove no matter how much technology and science evolves, so do ET, spirit and other life forms of existance, the assessment is not complete, will be getting feed back on there checks and studies later on of this sitting, however enjoy the images below. will add more images what we find on video recordings. p.s people can make any attempt to get an explanation for any kind of mediumship and yes eliminate other explanations, however if you was asked yourself for example you was a well known physicalmedium and someone came to sit for you to witness your mediumship and you was an ectoplasmic medium and produced ectoplasm, would you like to be asked if some one should sit in your chair in the seance room to see if it happens to anyone else? one thing you can never do is compare mediums, levels, abilities to each other, everyone is at different rates, the ones who are the controls are spirit, not the mediums they are a tool to help the spirit people come forward to achieve there work from the spirit world. you can never say to someone oh because this medium is getting something of ectoplasm, it will mean everyone else who sits in the mediums chair will? rare if it happens, your either a medium meant to do that kind of mediumship, or you are not, spirit know and are not daft, they pick up on things fast and know what is worth pursuing or not with anyone. The more ammunition thrown to the spirit world on demand, does not mean they will be a performance for a circus ring or a playground. food for thought.

Video now availabe to watch, part 1 - 7 not alot of transfiguration took place due to more trance communication coming through for stand sted team:








sitters and medium in seanse room camera filming from back of room:

the sitting begins the energy has already begun to emerge, medium is behind the curtain

Add caption

mediiums face appears male here

something appears near jill is it energy thats in appearance looking like an animal? does not appear in any other pictures, the mediums face has transfigured, the dark appearance facial features have changed, the side and back of chair also has a mass building up

a strong misty smoky energy appears from the cabinet from medium on one side also to sitter steven you can see mediums facial appearance the mediums hands are part raised

a black energy is next to steve and it is not a shadow or arm, near cabinet at top

part of the film came out this way thought would add it, this is just as medium was getting in chair to sit chris arm in front near camera, looks nice in appearance the color

camera filming close up to medium:During filming the camera had been controlled by spirit camera moves when the video recording is played back

just before medium takes her seat this energy is forming

mediums face showing signs of transfiguration

transparency of face appearing over mediums face

mediums mouth being rearranged dentures?

female transfiguring over medium

mediums face has transparent face masking over medium and so is a garment of spirit person, what is around the mediums neck?

dark blob energy top corner before sitting begins

after the sitting this appears


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