8th March 2011 mysterious circle sits for meditation, materialisation and de materialisation in pure daylight

 Evening short physicalmediumship sitting:
this evening the physicalmediumship lasted about 29 mins, as the sitting began later than usual, there was no reason for it to be short, however sylvia felt a short night was needed to sit, below are some images for you to see on the faces coming through.

male materialising in transfiguration in front of the mediums face
this is the beginning of transfiguration materialisation taking place from the side of the medium
mediums face during normal transfiguration
medium is in deep trance signs of transfiguration stage
mediums face transfigured the face has altered alot here
a male appearance showing on the mediums face during transfiguration
very strong transfiguration over mediums face male appears
face appears during transfiguration over the mediums side of face and hand, the hand looks larger in size thicker fingers
the beginning of the transfiguration of face appearing into side of mediums  face and on hand, mediums hand is slimer fingers slimmer to

 Daytime Meditation:

on the 8th march 2011 sylvia the medium of the mysterious circle sits for meditation in strong daylight, she did not sit in the seance room, she did not sit in the lounge, she sat in the hallway, and below are the images she found on the video recording, you will be baffled with some pictures, this is how it came out, she will be attempting soon to sit outside not in the house to see what will happen, if the weather is ok on the 9th march 2011 she will begin this test also. look below for todays meditation images.this occurs just before i close my eyes.

medium going through transfiguration

spirit person is moving there own transparent face over the mediums, yet part the spirit persons mouth is materialised clear, the person wore a brace, different shape lips, teeth, tongue to medium, when you look through the transparent face you can see the mediums, the nose is also visible of the spirit person, the eyes are slightly off the medium on one side as the wall slightly obstructs

dematerialising medium on bench, who is materialised in this picture looking towards medium, no one else is in the house only the medium?
medium has demaaterialised, the materialised spirit person  face is visible in the picture

mediums appearance in face is strongly changing

medium appears transparent on bench yet a shadow is on the other side of wall, the house is empty only the medium

a sweet appears materialised in the mediums mouth, she has no sweets in the house though many can question, how the sweet got there, no idea, I have no sweets.


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