29th march 2011 Beyond physicalmediumship mysterious circle in light, Meditation


on the 29th march 2011 sylvia sat for meditation during daylight hours from 9:30 am, she was a little emotional part way through the meditation, however she carried on, she was not aware what she was going to find on the video recording after, but she did have a suprise on a image, a mans genitals appear on her chin, due to respect she will not post up that picture, it can be a shocking discovery in what can appear in transfiguration or materialisation. There are many faces come through, plus you will see changes in the mediums face also. enjoy, Not sure whats happening this evening, will have to see.

Evening Sitting for physicalmediumship:
Normaly the site is updated on the same evening, however the sitting lasted about 38 mins, it got stopped a bit sooner, due to chris was feeling bit un well, and the spirit had other reasons to, to stop the session, however here are some still shots of faces off the video recording that came through.

Daytime Meditation:

Will post up the other pictures of meditation today, servers rejecting them at moment not sure why.



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